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Val d'Isère forever...

The Ecomove association was created during the winter of 2007/08 by a few nature lovers and Vie Val d'Is.

Ecomove's objective is to find solutions to environmental issues in Val d'Isère and the surrounding areas.

Ecomove is working to resolve environmental issues in Val d'Isère :

- By raising awareness among tourists, employees, season workers and residents,

- By suggesting improvements to other businesses and organizations in the resort (the lift company, the Council, local businesses…)

- By establishing and maintaining good relationships with local organizations and businesses in Val d'Isère.

We are involved with the organization of various events such as The Environment Day, when we get together to clean up the slopes and the streets of Val d'Isère. We give away free pocket ashtrays and provide re-usable Ecomove cups for large events to avoid the waste caused by disposable cups. We are responsible for organizing events, raising awareness of local issues and holding meetings to improve our services. We aim to change things for the better in an ever-changing world and provide help for as many people as we can, for as long as we can…

Association Vie Val d’Is, loi 1901, route de la Balme 73150 Val d’Isère, Siret : 45097707900026
by M Gunié and Cocko20