• BienvenueVie Val d'IsVal d’Isère

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  • La soirée verteLa soirée vertele 13 avril 2018

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Vie Val d’Is is an association for employees of Val d’Isère and their families. This association was born from the desire of local actors to improve the living conditions of people working and living in Val d’Isère year-round or in season.

Its objectives are:

Inform, guide and assist in the areas of job search, law, training, housing and health especially in the context of its seasonal status,

Contribute to the development of seasonal and off-season activities,

Encourage local solidarity, especially the reduction of the cost of living,

Promote the social fabric through the development of the voluntary sector,

Develop a partnership with existing services and structures on the station or with other organizations.

The association relies on thirty active volunteers present throughout the year or during the winter season, on its employees and partners.

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