« Being volunteer, is freely participate by offering, without renumeration, themselves to help others, outside of their family and work time.»

The volunteer is therefore a consented offering of one’s time and skills for free. When you help out an association you have no legal obligation, it’s a voluntary choice.

To volunteer for Vie Val d’Is is to help out at one or more of the various events organised by the association during winter, summer and/or inter season. When contacted, you’re free to volunteer if you can offer your services for that specific event.

– Example of the need of volunteers for our events.

– Or on our free activities.

– You can also help us in our groups of :

  • environment
  • events
  • partenership


Trying to build together, for yous association, the projects & events of tomorrow !

Vie Val d’Is organises, throughout the year, events to thank it’s volunteers (get togethers, meals, etc).

You want to join our volunteers team ? Stop thinking of it & come to share your ideas !