Winter events :

Events all year around :

November :

  • Vie Val d’Is general assembly.

Board members present the activity report and financial review of the association. It’s also the time to recruit new volunteers so if you wish to get involved for a season, the year or for life, here’s your chance !

December :

  • Seasonaires Welcome Party : 16th of december

At the start of every winter, a welcome evening for the resort workers is organised in the Club de Sports building at the bottom of the Olympique bubble. The event is aimed at both new arrivals as well as former seasonaires so come along, meet some new people and learn about what the Vie Val d’Is association has to offer. Concert, bar and food are available all evening long.

January :

  • Health day (la journée santé) : 18th of january

This event takes place once a year at the “Maison de Val”. The aim of the health day is to provide free and anonymous consultations with various health professionals offering ; HIV, AIDS and hepatitis testing, skin cancer check, dentist, osteopath, contraceptive and sexual health information, advice on diet and nutrition, drug and alcohol awareness and psychological support. Open to all resort workers and their families.


March :

  • Ecomove Day : 24th of march

The Ecomove day is an event organised by Vie Val d’Is’ environmental collective. The goal is to raise money to fund the durable developmental projects which take place in the summer months such as the allotment plots. A big secondhand sale is organised by the solidarity centre all afternoon with everything at 1€ followed by an evening concert in one of the local bars.



April :

  • Le Little Big Festival : 1st of april

Second edition of the short-film festival. free & open to everybody. Live show at the “Centre des congrès Henri Oreiller”.



  • The theatre

Vie Val d’Is’ amateur theatre group « BANDANOU » was formed in 2002 with both seasonal workers and residents taking part.

The actors are training once a week since November directed by Jade COLLET.


June :

  • The music festival (la fête de la musique) : 21st of june

Bar, meal and concert with local bands and DJs to celebrate the interseason.

July :

  • “Wellness week-end”


  • Environment day

Clean the mountain of litter and raise public awareness of the damage caused by littering on the mountain. Every year an area is cleaned by volunteers. The days starts with litter collection in the morning followed by a free meal at midday and finished by sorting the litter into recyclable/non recyclable in the afternoon. Gloves and binbags provided, bring your own backpack, water bottle, coat and a decent pair of walking shoes.

  • Blood donation

Two collections are organised each year in Val d’Isère by the group “Français du Sang” and volunteers from “l’amicale bénévole des donneurs de sang” in Bourg-Saint-Maurice. This year, they will take place on the 1st of April and the 25th of July, from 8h30 to 11h30 in the Congress Centre (Centre des Congrès) in Val d’Isère.

August :

  • August 15th, national day

Bar, meal,  concert and fireworks in the tourist office square. If you would like to help out Vie Val d’Is please contact us on 04 79 06 84 78. Volunteers are needed to help organise this event, serve on the bar and sell tickets.


September, October & November :

  • Interseason evening « Musical quizz » & Karaoke