Since 2007, Ecomove deals with the environmental projects of the Vie Val d’Is association. Largely supported by volunteers, the group aims to find solutions to local environmental problems with the objectives of :

– raising the awareness of tourists, seasonal workers and locals of  environmental issues in the mountains.

– proposing simples actions to notable people within the resort.

– bringing together the key players of Val d’Isère in communal projects.


The roles of the collective

  • Eco-gobelets (reusable cups) and snow-shows 

The group offers event organisers the use of free reusable cups. With the aim of reducing the use of disposable cups therefore reducing waste and keeping the place of the event clean.

For example : Every winter season, in partnership with Val d’Isère tourist office, Ecomove helps out in their snow-shows (torchlit descents). Ecomove’s volunteers hand out vin chaud (hot wine) in the reusable cups avoiding the use of disposable plastic.

  • Pocket ashtrays

Ecomove provides free pocket ashtrays to seasonal workers and tourists within resort, to limit cigarette butts littering the mountain and to raise awareness of the damage caused by litter.


  • Environment day

The aim of this event is to clean the mountain of litter and to raise public awareness. Every year an area is cleaned by volunteers comprising of locals, seasonal workers and tourists. The days starts with litter collecting in the morning followed by a free meal at midday and finished by sorting the litter into recyclable/non recyclable in the afternoon. With the aim of raising awareness of respecting the mountain environment with the participation of various groups including Planètes Sciences, Montagne Rider, the community of the Haute Tarentaise region, etc…

This year, over one ton of rubbish was collected on the Bellevarde area with the help of 220 volunteers.

Find here the 2021 report (in French) and the video of this beautiful day HERE



  • Allotments

Ecomove, in partnership with the council of  Val d’Isère, allows the possibility of those living in Val d’Isère to cultivate a patch of garden whilst creating a place of community and life in the middle of the village.

In the summer of 2017, 16 places of 2.25m2 were installed by council workers on the roof of the Idex parking (at the base of the Richardes apartment blocks). Lettuces, radishes, tomatoes, herbs as well as peppers and strawberries were planted. Ecomove and it’s gardening expert organized events and entertainment during the gardening season 2017.

In 2019, another site has been created at the school with 10 additional spaces.

For 10€ per season allotment space is available in the Richardes garden.


  • What’s compost?

Compost is an natural deterioration of fermentable materials by micro-organisms living in the soil and rubbish. Fruit and vegetable peelings, bread, eggshells, coffee, etc. can all be composted.

The Haute Tarentaise community has installed a composting site next to the allotment zone. The composters are open to all and await your organic waste so if you wish to compost your waste come and collect a bio-bucket from the Vie Val d’Is office.