How to apply ?

Were you a member in 2022-2023? Create an accompt using your email adress from last season. You will find all your information (except your proof of employment and living together). Review and modify your information and upload the required supporting documents. (Be careful of the formats and size of your files!)
Are you a new member? Create an account and complete the membership form.

It takes 10min.

1.Prepare your documents. Before pre-registering, make sure you have the following documents with you:

  • Your proof of employment (employment contract signed by both parties or pay slip from the last month or KBIS extract less than 3 months old etc.)

  • A picture of you without sunglasses, beanie etc.
  • For the FAMILY CARD, reserved for couples living under the same roof and their children under the age of 21: a family record book or proof of address in the names of both spouses (insurance in both names, registration document in both names, etc.)

Who can subscribe ?

2. Are you ready !? Click here

3. Wait for the acceptance email of your pre-registration

4. Come to the association during opening hours to pay and collect your card.


>> Complementary info :

The card is available one year, from the 15th of november to the 14th of november next year.