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Lundi : 10h-12h / 15h-18h

Mardi : 9h-13h / 15h-18h

Mercredi : 9h-12h / 15h-18h

Jeudi : 15h-18h

Vendredi : 9h-12h

We are we ?

Vie Val d’Is is an association for the employees of Val d’Isère and their families. The association was founded by locals wishing to improve the conditions of people working and living yearly or seasonally in Val d’Isère.

The goals of the Vie Val d’Is association are :

– To help and inform people looking for work, accommodation, in training, healthcare, social services and with their rights.

– To encourage local solidarity and help reduce the cost of living by offering a members card “la carte Vie Val d’Is” for people working in Val d’Isère, and for their families.

– To contribute to the development of activities during the winter and summer seasons and the inter-seasons.

– To build community spirit.

– To develop partnerships with existing services and businesses within the resort and other regional and national associations.

Since the creation of Vie Val d’Is there have been as presidents : Patrick Salaün, Dominique Leclerc, Frédéric Monneret, Benoit Girard, Nicolas Chevé and currently Steve Le Briquir.


An activity report is done every year. You can read it HERE (french)

Vie Val d’Is Team

The Association is governed by the law of 1901. It is composed of an office and a board of directors.

It has two annual employees, as well as one extra employee during the winter season.


  • The board director


The members of Honor
  • Sylviane LAFAURIE
  • Dominique LECLERC
  • Nicolas CHEVE
  • Frédéric MONNERET
The board directors
  • Steve LE BRIQUIR – Président de l’association Vie Val d’Is
  • Elisa GLORIAN – Secrétaire
  • Morgan GIROUD – Trésorier
  • Charlotte PAILLET – Secrétaire adjointe
  • Alain CHASTIN
The office
  • Elodie ANTOINE
  • Jolan BERARD
  • Joëlle POUCHKINE
  • Marlène BRULAY
  • Élodie ANTOINE
  • Sébastien GUEZ
  • Carole LISIECKI
  • Tupac MENDOZA
  • Roby JOFFO
  • Christine ARZUR
  • Angèle LAVAUD
  • Aurélie PLANQUE
  • Jérome LACAILLE
  • Marie DUPLANIL
  • Jade COLLET
The employees
  • Nicolas HUGRON : Directeur de l’Association
  • Xavier NAREJO : Coordinateur sociale adjoint
  • Eva AGUSTIN : Agent d’accueil