Looking for a job in Val d’Isère ?

– Check out our job offers  « Nos offres » (but you mostly have to speak french…
– Check out Pôle-emploi website : and search for a job by city with Val d’Isère zip code : 73150


Vie Val d’Is can also help you to find a job before, during and after the winter (summer season) for free :

– Help on building & printing your CV. Example HERE
– Tools free to use to help on your search : computers, internet, scanner, printer, phones…

Send us your CV by e-mail at, we can keep it for you and pass it to employers if a job offer match with your profile.


You could also have a look on «Val d’Isère Guides” :, you will find all the contacts and phone number of chalets and restaurant on the resort, to apply.