All year long, Vie Val d’Is offers free activities open to members with the Vie Val d’Is card. These weekly activities are run by volunteers.

For the winter season 2018-2019 :

  • Photography workshop :Monday (fortnightly) at 19h30 in the Maison de Val with Lilian.

Workshop open to all amateurs photographers. Learn composition and technique by sharing photography knowledge and expertise in the workshop and on outings around Val. Concluding in a photo exposition in the Maison de Val. Last year the theme was « Val d’Isère in detail ».

  • Language lessons : Monday at 19h in the Maison de Val with Katherine.

19h : French lesson

20h : English lesson

All levels are welcome.

  • Jam session : Tuesday at 20h30 in the CCAS building with Seb

Musicians, whether you’re an amateur wishing to progress or a veteran wanting to hone your skills come and join this fun and friendly jam session and share your love of music.

  • Games evening : Wednesday at 20h in the Médiathèque with Alain

For those who love board games, strategy games, etc. this is the group for you! Alain and his games will be happy for you to join in this fun evening.

  • Circuit training: Wednesday at 20h in the CCAS building with Marion.

Circuit training consists of  following sets of exercises one after the other with little or no recuperation time. Good for toning your whole body and improving your general fitness levels, this class is open to all whether you’re a beginner or confirmed sporting addict.

– Boxing : Thursday at 19h30 in the CCAS building with Fabien.

Beginners boxing session with the possibility of learning « self-defense » over the course of the season.

– Boxing : Sunday at 19h15 in the Centre Aquasportif with Ludo.

Advanced boxing session. Boxing gloves sold through the association.

+ infos : sign up to the Facebook group “Boxe Vie Val d’Is”

-« Do It Yourself » One Thursday per month at 20h00 in the Maison de Val with Iris

Learn how to make your own natural cleaning products and cosmetics . Free activity on reservation on 04 79 06 84 78. Limited spaces.

-Avalanche safety with Alain, Nico and Mark

Learn the risks of off-piste skiing and high mountain sports. Alain (ski in French), Nico (snowboard in French) and Mark (in English) will explain off-piste safety and the correct techniques on using your transceiver, shovel and probe.

Workshop open to all.

Vie Val d’Is members can hire transceiver, shovel and probe for 2€ per day by bringing a deposit of 300€, your Vie Val d’Is card and an identity card. Rental for a period of 3 days maximum at one time.

Avalanche safety timetable